Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fun things in April 2015

Easter 2015 ~ Both kids got new wheels! 

April 7th ~ Our library always has great crafty reader sessions.

The Atlanta History Center Homeschool Day in April was about reconstructing after the Civil War.

Juli set up all of her dogs and said that they were doing a PAWtograph session. Anyone want an autograph from a dog? 

Field Trip to the Quarry. Great educational day!

Jayden making his favorite meal for the family, Crescent Chicken Squares. ~ April 22nd

This girl makes up the craziest songs! 

Atlanta Botanical Gardens ~ April 30th
We met up with some friends to wander through the gardens. It turned out to be a beautiful day. 

Tinker Crate Reviews on Drawbot and Hydraulics

We LOVE Tinker Crates. They are so much fun, and everything we need for the kit is in the box! Even better is that if the directions get confusing, they have videos online that walk you through it step by step.

If you are interested in your own Tinker Crate, use our code so you get $10 off the crate and we get credit for it too! 


Hydraulics kit

They played with this kit the most out of all the others so far! 

Julianna had fun using the hydraulics kit moving her stuffed dogs.

The only thing I was disappointed about with this crate was that the cardboard pieces weren't strong enough to hold anything. Still lots of fun though and a great lesson!

Here is a referral code to get your first kit at 1/2 price!

Jayden's 10th Mine Craft Birthday Party

So thankful for all the free printables I found online, it made things so easy for Jayden's party.

 Everything had to be black and green.

With a house full of kids we thought the puppy would be less stressed out if she spent the day at the kennel. Still sad, but she seemed to have a good day there! 

How is he 10 already? 

All Jayden wanted to do was play MineCraft with his friends. So that is what they did! 

Minecraft Cake!

Atlanta Science Fest Week - March 2015

Atlanta now hosts an Annual Science Fest the last full week of March.
They learned all about the body (human and animal) at Chattahoochee Technical College.

I took Jayden to Science Fest at Centennial Olympic Park to explore more science. 

Mixing things to see chemical reactions.

Lots of microscopes to look at specimens.

I rubbed my phone with a q-tip and rubbed it into a petri dish and got to log on to the site and see what was growing on my phone. Super gross!

Learning about heart health.

Liquid to Solid and back!