Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hanging out around the house yesterday.

Julianna wants to do what ever Jayden is doing so she has a set of first picture cards that she looked at today and I thought it was funny when she pulled out the telephone and knew that it was a phone even though its a very old turn dial style! She kept putting it up to her face and saying hello? Then she would shake her head yes and know while answering in her own toddler talk and then say bye-bye. 2 is the most fun when they start to pretend play!

Just some pics of the kids hanging around the house yesterday. Jayden loves playing with his wikki sticks, which are wax covered string that you can bend into different shapes. For some reason he enjoys shaping them into little balls and calls them baby turtles. He does this all the time and then counts them and divides thim up in different ways.

We went to the Big Apple Circus this past Thursday. Julianna belongs to a program called Georgia Pines, they help children that have hearing and vision loss, well they gave our family complimentary tickets to the circus! It was so much fun. Jayden loved every second of it, he's at the perfect age to understand and enjoy the circus. Julianna was unsure of some things but loved the loud music and the bright colors. Afterward we got to go in the ring and pet the pony, see the trapeze and feel other items that the circus performers use.

This is not the best picture but its the only one I have of the 4 of us. This was taken after the circus past 8pm whihc my children are usually in bed by that time. It was a long day for them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is Jayden building something out of pipes at the Children's Museum. Feb 10, 2009

We visited the Childrens Museum Imagine It on February 10th. We try to go every few months when they have a new exhibit. It's currently the Amazing Castle.

Juli was having fun pushing buttons trying to make the dragon pop out of the top of the castle.

Hanging out at the playground February 9th, 2009
We've had some great weather lately!