Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun with school in October and November, 2013

Always looking for fun ways to learn. Jayden had fun building a clock out of bricks and then had Juli figure out what time it was.

 Aunt Zena sent an ant farm and they both had fun with that!
 One of our home school groups meets monthly for lego time. The kids always have a blast building and then sharing what they created with the group.
 Last day of Timothy school. The kids attended every Friday from August through December for fun classes like PE, stop motion movie making, and science.
 Another home school group we belong to gets together weekly for board games. It's always fun to meet friends for lunch and learn a new board game!
 One of the locations we meet at is in a mall so we always have to ride the carousel afterward!

Halloween 2013!

We started out the morning at IHOP for free smiley face breakfast. The kids had fun decorating pancakes with candy.

Jayden was a Pokemon character again and Juli was a dog, again!



My Favorite children's books that I read with my kids in 2013

My Favorite children's books that I read with my kids in 2013

We read a lot in our house! My children are 6 and 8 and in addition to the books they read to themselves, I read about an hour a day aloud to them and have done so since they were infants. Here are a few books that we have enjoyed this year. Enjoy them and please share your favorites!

2 brother cats live near a fishing wharf. One loves adventure and the other has no desire to put a paw on any boat or leave the world he knows. One night Anton is captured and taken aboard a ship against his will. Cecil, worried about his brother, boards another ship to search for him. Both cats enjoy various adventures as they try to find each other and get back home. 

I have yet to encounter a book by Kate DiCamillo that I haven't loved! The story starts with Flora Belle Buckman who claims to be a cynic throughout the story. One boring day while Flora is reading her comics she looks out the window to see the neighbor suck up an unsuspecting squirrel with a vacuum! Flora runs to rescue the squirrel and the zany adventure of Flora with her super hero squirrel takes off! We laughed a lot reading this story and I loved all the challenging vocabulary words for the kids!

In a world called Erdas all children must discover if they have a spirit animal when they come of a certain age. Throughout the world are 4 children just learning of their spirit animals that will have to work together to stop the dark force that has come from the past to take over Erdas. 
This book also has an online game that goes with the books!

Harry Cat's Pet Puppy
An unlikely friendship between a cat, a mouse and a puppy. Tucker Mouse and Harry the Cat live together in a drainpipe Times Square. Harry takes in a lost puppy one day and ends up staying until one day he doesn't fit anymore. Harry and Tucker now have to keep him out of trouble till they can find a new home for the Huppy the puppy.

 The Cricket in Time's Square
Chester Cricket finds him self lost in the Times Square Subway Station after jumping out of a picnic basket from Connecticut. Chester finds help in a young boy, Mario who's family owns a news stand. Mario has Chester perform an array of classical music for the passengers passing by the News stand but after awhile Chester misses his home in the countryside and his new friends, Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse are there to help!