Thursday, March 12, 2015

Christmas 2014!

The kids had a great Christmas! This year the big gift was the Disney Cruise that we had just taken. Visit this blog post to read about the First day of the cruise.

Even the dog wanted her picture taken in front of the tree! 

Tiana was so excited to have a pile of new toys to rip into.

The kids were happy with all of their gifts. Another successful Christmas!


Justin buys a family game every year. This year it was called Rampage, and was so much fun! 

Homeschool tour of Home Depot - December 19, 2014

Our wonderful home school group coordinator set up a tour of Home Depot for us. Wow, I was so impressed! They really did a great job! The kids had fun and learned a variety of things! 

They saw a number of machines at work. 

Juli would like a new refrigerator, she really liked all the features of this one. 

They had a kit for each kid to build. 

Almost every employee we passed jumped to help!

The kids final projects. She was pretty good with the hammer! 

We ended our day with a scavenger hunt through out the store. One item on the list was a picture with an employee. Each kid got an apron with a pin showing the build they participated in as well as a goody bag with flash lights! Seriously, I don't know a kid in the world that doesn't love a flash light. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Our First Tinker Crate! December 8, 2014

Each crate comes with everything needed to create a project as well as a TinkerZine with information and ideas for additional activities to go with the main project. I found the youtube video for putting the kit together very helpful!

Our first Crate was Electricity at Work with all the items needed to create your own motor.

The hardest part for Jayden was getting the coil tight around the disc. Otherwise he was able to do all of it on his own. We still did it together with Juli's help.

They were both so excited when they got the motor working!

This crate is Jayden approved! 

To get your own crate, follow this link so Jayden and Julianna get credit for it!