Monday, April 22, 2013

Imagine It Children's Museum 4/22/13

The kids are defietnly getting older. Thankfully Jayden was a good sport and found something fun to do today. We love all museums but the Atlanta Children's Museum is for a younger crowd. Not much for those over 6 unless they love playing in the large grocery and kitchen area. Of course Juli's favorite area is the grocery area with the carts and conveyor belt! Their traveling exhibit, Body Carnival was okay, nothing really memorable about it. It was interesting for my 8 year old but no real "wow" or "fun" information to report.

The kids had a contest to see who could catch the most fish!

Both of them enjoyed the boxes to push down the conveyor belt. 

Juli is all about gardening now!

Playing with the fun house mirrors in Body Carnival.

Crawling through arteries of the heart. It made real life sound effects too.

Learning how fingers and other joints work.

This is my favorite. Jayden said it reminded him of The Thinker and said they had to pose!

Making his sister smile. They couldn't stop giggling after that picture! 

I can't believe how many good pictures I got of Jayden today! Usually I have blurry pictures of him running the other direction. 

Working on a sand volcano.

Working the fork lift with delivery boxes. 

Juli's favorite thing to do is organize all the groceries in the kitchen. 

Pet Day and Geography Day with our homeschool group 4/12/13 - 4/17/13

The kids really enjoyed pet day with our homeschool group. There was a nice variety of animals. Unfortunately our dog still needs to work on her behavior around others and couldn't come with. The kids took some pictures of the dog and got up and spoke about her to the group. It was a very nice day in the park!

Juli and I went to see Brer Rabbit with her class at the Center for Puppetry Arts. We really weren't into this performance as much as we are others that the center puts on. She still had fun though!

Another great event put on by our homeschool group. Each family picked a country and the kids (well it seemed to depend on the family) put together some information about it. Julianna picked Belize and the kids did almost all the work themselves. I helped with the research part. I didn't realize how much the parents were going to do till we arrived! Wow, I think a few of the countries were done by mothers only! 

Having fun in the warm weather 4/6/13-4/9/13

Juli used a magnifying glass to wash my car. 

Hanging at the park with friends!

Our library has some great programs! They recently did a puppet day and both of the kids got to take a friend with. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt! 3/30/13

We took the kids to our HOA's egg hunt. They always have fun hunting for eggs and make me hide them all week! Juli also won the prize for guessing the number of jelly beans.

Posing with the neighbors daughter. She's 1/2 of Juli's age and already taller.

School work and blueberry muffins 3/29/13

Juli loves to help in the kitchen. Jayden, not so much! He actually came in and helped make the yummy sugar topping for some blueberry muffins. Great way to work on measurements! Can't wait till summer so we can go blueberry picking again!

While we waited for our muffins Juli worked on some school work. The couch is a comfy place to get it done!

Jayden's 6th Birthday Party!

Time truly does start to fly by once you have kids. Jayden turned 6 last month and I just now realized I didn't load these pictures onto the computer. Anyway he wanted a party at the house and of course it was dinosaur themed. He planned out most of it including the food. It was cute. He got some great gifts including some fun pool toys that we can't wait to use this summer. Only a few more weeks left till we can start swimming again!

Happy 8th Birthday Jayden! 3/24/13

The dog rode with me to pick up donuts for breakfast.

Jayden decided he wanted to have a friend spend the night for his birthday so we let him open up all of his gifts in the morning. Our family loves board games so he got a couple new ones and we got to play before his friend arrived.

This is 100% Jayden's creation! I gave him the icing and candy basket and he had fun decorating his own cake.