Friday, February 6, 2015

Lego Land Center Atlanta, GA - November 19, 2015

LegoLand in Atlanta hosted a homeschool week. While the kids had fun, it is a small area and geared more toward younger children. 

How many bricks do you weigh? 

How do you stack up to the bricks?

The kids loved the spy tunnel! They had to make it all the way through with out triggering a laser beam.
 They had fun competing against each other for the highest score. You had to hit the right square when it lit up. They were funny dancing around as they played.

They divided into teams and tried to build a tower to withstand the shaking machine.

Juli had a blast swinging back and forth in the soft play area.

This girl loves to sing! 

I lost count of how many times we rode this thing!

We had the theater to ourselves for the 4D movie.

Another ride that we rode multiple times. This one included laser guns that we used to rack up points with. 

This girl loves money... a little to much!