Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ants! 3/17/11

One of Jayden's birthday gifts was an ant farm! It has been lots of fun. They dig through gel instead of sand so you can see them all the time.

Safety Town in Roswell, GA 3/16/11

We visited a Safety Town with Jayden's class this month. The kids had fun and learned a lot too. I hope that this is the only time I ever seen Jayden in the back of a police car. The Officer said that he'd never seen anyone so happy to get in the back of his car before! They talked with a fire man too. The had fun driving bikes around the town and learning the rules for stop, yield and the traffic light.

Fernbank History Museums new Children's Exhibit 3/10/11

The Fernbank History Museum opened up a new children's exhibit. The kids love it!

A trip to the Aquarium while Aunt Josie visited 1/25/11

Josie came to visit the last week in January and we took all the kids to the Aquarium. This is one of Juli's favorite places! She loves the penguins the most.

Happy 4th Birthday Julianna!

Julianna turned 4 on January 20th! Life got a little hectic that weekend so I am just now working on updating! She had a play date with her friends at the house. She asked for a cookie cake with a picture of a cupcake on it. Her favorite book is Pinkalicious and she loves pink cupcakes! the pictures of the 3 girls sitting opening presents are all the same age!