Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cherokee County Aquatic Center 7/22/13

I took the kids to the new Aquatic Center in Cherokee County. They had so much fun! 
$5 kids
$6 adults. 
$16 for a few hours of energy releasing fun! Yes Please!

We met up with some friends and we all had a blast. 
The kids favorite thing was the "toilet" where you get pushed around a big circle by the water. 
There was a FAST moving lazy river, 2 large water slides, a swimming/play area and also this big play structure with water flying everywhere. 

They do not allow any outside food or drinks but the food inside is reasonable.
.75 for chips
$1.50 for a hot dog 
Plus many other options. 

Have fun and see which bucket will tip over first! I saw a lot of adults making a game of it to see who would get dumped on first. :)

Juli loved squirting people.

Having fun in the river with friends. 

Thankful for friends that "get" my kid!

The girls were playing dogs!

1 more flight to get to the top of the water slides.

They are best buddies. Glad my kids love each other so much. I hope it stays that way!

Rock Climbing at Escalade 6/28/13

Our home school group took another trip to Escalade. Juli is getting braver every time! Jayden is still terrified of heights.

Library fun in July 2013

We did tons of fun things at the library this summer. 
Lego's, archaeology, clay, pictures...
They also learned about water shed, the GA Mineral Society, Adopting pets, and composting! 

Safety Village Family Fun Day 6/21/13

Safety Village is a kids size town modeled after the Marietta Square. 

They have a lot of exhibits and demonstrations including a fire drill! The room actually fills with smoke and they teach the kids what to do. 

Of course Juli had to say hello to the police dog.

Learning all about electricity safety.

Juli got to check out an ambulance without being a patient! 

Exploring inside the fire engine.

WellStar Health Systems has a really cool building that teaches kids about germs. Juli loves to squish the germs.

Juli was scared of this dog. :)

We ended our day with a trip to Marietta Pizza Kitchen.