Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting ready for vacation! 5/8/14

We woke up to Juli running into our bedroom yelling "hurry up, I need help!" When we walked into the hall she was stuffing as many dogs into the crate as possible. We all had a good laugh! She was worried one of puppies might get left behind. 

 The dog was very excited for a car ride, but not sure why we had packed so much stuff. Thankfully we have a good kennel for her.

Got to meet up with my sister Heather, and my mom when we arrived in Cape Canaveral. Had a fun dinner on the beach and Jayden got to run in the sand.

Trying to get a picture with Grandma. They were all acting silly.

Western Booth Art Museum - Civil War Comes Alive 5/2/14

Every year the Western Booth Art Museum hold a huge event celebrating the Civil War! Lots of cannon demonstrations, black smith demonstrations, rifle demonstrations, and spinning cotton.

This year the kids were old enough to sit through the Gettysburg Address.

We enjoyed lunch outside and then all the kids were playing in the grass singing songs from Frozen. Juli loved it.

They have a really cool kids area called Sagebrush Ranch. 

Jayden loved the wall of presidents. 

A trip to the zoo 4/24/14

Had fun spending time at the zoo with friends. Got to see lots of babies!

 When we got home from a long day at the zoo, the kids cuddled up with dog and read to her. 

GA Veterinary College open house 4/4/14

What a wonderful event! The kids learned so much. They had pretend surgery stations and Juli got to try removing kidney stones. Craft stations, tours of the animal hospital, and demonstrations. 

Juli's favorite animal, besides dogs!

Trying to lasso!

Yes, she asked for one, of course I said no!

We will definitely attend this event again! 

April - spring has sprung!

Just being silly! On The Border gives the kids a ball of dough to play with whenever we visit. 4/1/14
Had a great time at our monthly library meetup. The kids heard stories about kites and then made a craft. 4/2/14

 Getting braver and stronger every day!
 Once we get to the park Jayden finds a swing and stays there till we leave most times!
I won tickets to Medieval Times! Jayden was so excited to go. We were both excited to get the blue team since April is Autism Awareness Month. Our team even won. Light it up BLUE! 4/3/14
 His hands are always moving.

The dog is into the school work more than the kids are!
We saw one of our favorites, Charlotte's Web at the Center for Puppetry Arts. 4/9/14

Another homeschool day at the Atlanta History Center. This time it was focused on simple machines.  4/10/14
Surprised the kids with Rio2 on opening day after a doctors appointment. 4/11/14
So glad the weather finally warmed up. Juli was mad that I wouldn't let her ride the merry-go-round while big kids were on it. 4/13/14
Learning all about money and trying to buy candy with it! 4/14/14
 The kids were excited that we got preview tickets to see BEARS and friends joined us!
Our homeschool groups egg hunt. Jayden was more excited to swing. 4/21/14

One of our groups held a Literature Fair. The kids were excited to tell others about their favorite book this year Here Be Monsters! They dressed up as Box Trolls. 4/23/14

Enjoying the parks! 4/25/14