Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bowling with friends! 5/10/13

It is so funny that Juli loves bowling and yet she can't lift the ball. haha!
Thankfully they have a ramp where we put the ball on it and then she just has to push the ball off of it. 

Yes, Juli's feet are off the ground!!!!

End of year kindergarten picnic! 5/8/13

Juli's teacher had an end of year meet up at the park. I can't believe Kindergarten is over. Time really does fly once you have kids. 

You gotta love a teacher that will swing with her students! 
Thanks Mrs. Powell for a great year.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zoo Atlanta 5/2/13

We have such a great home school group! They keep us busy.
The kids had a blast at Zoo Atlanta.

Jayden hanging out with the boys.

There is nothing sweeter than giraffe love! Seriously, they wouldn't start hugging each other. So sweet!

Juli and some of her friends. 

Juli LOVES the Bush Dogs. She keeps asking for one to keep!

Ugly looking naked mole rats! They are fun to watch, as long as they are behind glass!

Parakeets weren't very hungry. 

Critters of the Creek by Cobb County Water Shed 4/27/13

We are always looking for educational experiences and the library always meets our needs. 
They offered a presentation and hands on time to learn about critters of the creek. Juli loved using the magnifying glass to look at all kinds of bugs inside the test tubes. Jayden loved telling the man in charge everything he knew!

Western Booth Art and Bartow Museums 4/26/13

We met up with members of our homeschool group at the Western Booth Art and Bartow Museums for Civil War Comes Alive day!
So much fun!
There was a lot to learn and explore outside about life during the civil war, guns, cannons, cotton being spun, even forging! They also had a presentation with a speech by Abraham Lincoln. 

I think this museum is like a hidden gem. My favorite room at the Western Booth was the Presidential Gallery. They have a portrait of each president, some facts and something written by them. My kids love the Sage Brush Ranch, which is a hands on exhibit for kids to learn. My children did not want to leave. 
We enjoyed our time at the Bartow Museum too. It was neat seeing the sign of food prices, a dental office, school house and more. The kids favorite part was the old wooden phone booth! The building was originally a court house and many of the beams are still in place. 

We got to see the cannons go off!

Life for soldiers.

Watching cotton being spun.

Spent lots of time in the Sage Brush Ranch

This carriage makes realistic noises and even rocks back and forth.

There are a few different carriages throughout the museum.

Pharmacy in the Bartow Museum.

A carriage going from the farm to the store.

The early days of machines!

The kids were surprised that tvs were this size.

Playing in the store area at the Bartow Museum

My kids would not leave the phone booth alone!

I wish that these were today's prices! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Always growing something on the counter! 4/24/13

So Aunt Heather and cousin Brook sent the kids some creatures, similar to sea monkeys.
The kids had fun putting the tanks together and waiting for them to hatch!