Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Mountain Park 7/11

Another outing with our home school group. The kids are getting into geocaching. You use a compass on your phone that leads you to a box of little treasures to explore and swap for something of your own. We aren't a very outdoorsy family... That being said Jayden wants to do it but he whines most of the time plus it's not easy for Juli to go hiking and I usually end up carrying her about a 1/4 of a mile into the hike. Hopefully I can figure out my phone settings and get it to work so maybe Jayden will enjoy it more. Every time we've gone has been with our school group and there are just to many kids to really get a look at what's in the box. I hope to try it again with them when the weather starts too cool off a bit!

I attempted to get a picture of the 2 of them when we took a break but neither one was interested in that!

Fernbank's Scoop on Poop Exhibit 6/29

One of our most favorite museums in our area is the Fernbank History Museum the kids always enjoy it. 

The current traveling exhibit is scoop on poop. Out of the past 3 years of membership I think this was definetly our least favorite traveling exhibit. There was very little hands on. Even the stuff to read wasn't that exciting. Given the topic we were to excited to see and sorely disappointed afterward. We look forward to the next exhibit in the fall.

Juli and her friend Summer learning the different ways to say poop! 

Jayden giving is the face he makes in the bathroom.... yup, he's strange!

Summer loved helping Juli get around the museum. Summer is about 6 months older, both are entering Kindergarten. 

Juli navigating a turtle through the ocean.

Jayden trying to catch rain drops from the water (steam) fall.

This was the first time Juli was able to climb up the net! It's not easy and not safe when other kids push back. It's taken a lot of work on my part with stepping back and letting her go.

Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory 6/26

We have so much fun with our home school group! We visited Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory to learn about the history and making of chocolate. Then the kids got to make and enjoy a few different creations.

I think the chocolate on Juli's face and the smiles show how much they love chocolate!

Swimming with family 6/24

Justin's brother only lives an hour from us so we are lucky to get to visit! The kids had a blast swimming!
Check out the awesome slide!

Jayden and his cousin Josiah being silly.  

Juli riding on her Daddy's back.