Monday, October 15, 2012

Tennessee Aquarum 10/15/12

After the children's museum we went to the aquarium since we have a membership there! The Tennessee Aquarium is definitely the best aquarium in the south. We only stayed 3 hours today and had to run through most of it! 
This is a crazy mixture of pictures taken by me, Juli and Jayden! Some were on a camera and others were off of my phone. Enjoy our fun day!

The first thing my kids always want to do is pet the sting rays!  

The aquarium has a wonderful butterfly exhibit! Just make sure they don't try to escape with you! :) 

My child needs to pet EVERYTHING!!

The river otters were VERY playful today! It was a lot of fun to watch them. Wish we could of sat and watched them longer. 

I love the penguins. They are fun to watch. There is always 1 or 2 that show off for you by swimming around. 

Creative Discovery Musuem 10/15/12

One of my children's favorite children's museums is the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN.
Jayden loves making stop animation videos!

My little artist.

Art on the computer too.

A trip here is not complete unless your shoes are full of sand!

This is the rock climbing wall for the traveling exhibit Play! Build! Climb! 
It was definetly geared towards little, little kids! Juli enjoyed it though. Any playground equipment is fun for my tiny girl!

While Juli played with the traveling exhibit Jayden played in the bee area! It's one of his favorite places.

My Drone! 

Both my children' LOVE the water area! It's the first and last place for them to visit. It's one of the nicest water areas I've seen in museums. It's geared toward a wide range of ages and abilities! 

Zoo Atlanta 10/9/12

Another fun trip to Zoo Atlanta

Can someone tell me what these meer kats are doing?

No trip is complete with out a picture of a panda bear!

My kids fell in love with the newest exhibit for bush dogs! They watched them for a good 1/2 hour while they ran around their habitat and tried to pull roots out of the ground. Of course Juli asked me if she could take one home with her. Me being the mean parent that I am said NO! 

No, you can't have a pet goat either! 

She asked him if he liked her brushing and he answered her! Not sure what he said but she assumed it was a yes!

My son actually stopped and sat with this goat to brush him. yup, he sat in the animal area where there's poop all over the ground! 

Both kids loved feeding the parakeets. There are so many of them, even at the end of the day they are still wanting to be fed more!

Our pink poodle 10/4/12

We have the best dog in the world! A pink poodle and she knows how to write her letters and even read some! Julianna loves to wear her costume...... every day!

Visiting my Grandma and the kids went to Sarris with Justin! 9/15/12

So, the month of September was crazy for us! I had plans to head to New Jersey to surprise my sister Josie with a bridal shower and dress shopping, but then Justin's Grandfather passed away unexpectedly and everything changed. I got to drive to Pittsburgh (12 hours) with him and the kids on Thursday, fly to Philadelphia Saturday morning and then take a bus back to Pittsburgh on Monday so I could drive home with Justin and the kids on Tuesday. Whew, did you follow all that? Anyway we were sad to see Pap pass away but know that his health had been declining. Thankfully he went in his sleep and is hopefully being bossed around my his wife right now. :) 

I was very lucky to have some time to spend with my Grandmother who is in New Jersey. It definitely was not enough time! I wish I was able to visit her more often.

While I was off in New Jersey Justin took the kids to his favorite ice cream and candy shop, Sarris! The only good part about the detour to Pittsburgh was seeing all of Justin's family! Especially his super adorable nieces!

The Art Barn - 9/12/12

Another great field trip with our home school group! The Art Barn! The kids had a blast petting and feeding animals, making art and enjoying a hayride. I didn't get a picture of it but one of the kids favorite things was the goats that lived on TOP of their home!

Jayden took this while on the hay ride.

This is a friend of the cows.... 

Farmer Sue taught all the kids how to get the turkey to gobble.

Jayden brushing a goat.

Juli is always quick to make friends with animals!

Farmer Sue is very cool! The kids had a great experience with her as our guide.

Putting the kids to work feeding the animals.

My strong girl determined to do it on her own.

They took the hay to the barn and delivered it to a very happy horse!