Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homemade Bath paints

I love finding awesome ideas on Pinterest! Today I made bath paint for the kids. It was so quick and easy, plus it used ingredients I already had in the house! I found the recipe on Meet the Dubiens blog.

4 tablespoons of corn starch
1 cup of clear bubble bath, kids body wash or shampoo. (I used Suave sensitive shampoo since it was what I had on hand)
food coloring
containers to store them in

After I had the colors made I used a Styrofoam (water proof) egg carton to give them each. This way we didn't use all of it at once and each got their own set of paints.

I only made one batch and divided it into 3 different containers the first time before adding the food coloring. The kids enjoyed it so much that I plan to make full cups of each color as soon as I get to the store to buy more soap!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Centennial Olympic Park and Imagine It Children's Museum 10/05/11

Met some friends downtown for a fun afternoon with the kids. We had lunch at CNN, walked through Centennial Olympic Park and then spent a few hours at Imagine It Children's Museum. The kids enjoyed the new exhibit about old fairy tales. The girls, Sydney, Aereal and Julianna (all 4 years old!) rode in Cinderellas Carriage, Jayden had fun hammering in the nails in the Shoemakers and the Elves area, Juli played in the castle from Beauty and the Beast, Jayden was surprised when he sat in the kings chair from Anasi and the Talking Melon and so many more cool fairy tales to explore.
Jayden's favorite area is the still the balls and Juli still loves the grocery cart and kitchen though!

Zoo Atlanta 10/04/11

Zoo Atlanta partnered with Cobb County libraries to offer a sweet deal! By taking out a short video on the history of the zoo they gave us a family 4 pass for free! It's over $50 just for the kids and I to go to the zoo these days, so it was a pretty great savings! It was perfect timing since the weather has started to cool and there were a number of babies born this summer. Juli was very excited to see the new tiger cubs, even though they were very hard to see. Her second favorite animal was the zebras, she wants everything zebra print now! Jayden loves all the animals especially the elephants and the naked mole rats. I think the kids love using their map skills more than anything when they visit the zoo!

One of the panda's was very active and kept throwing a bowling ball around, hanging upside down and running at the glass. Lots of fun to watch! If you look carefully at the kangaroo picture you can see the two baby legs sticking out of the mommy's pouch. She peeked out a few times too.