Monday, December 17, 2012

Caroling with the fishes at the Tennessee Aquarium 12/02/12

We LOVE the TN aquarium! The kids had a blast visiting on members night. They even got to see Santa.
There was a number of chances for the kids to get close and learn about animals and a number of local musical artists performing throughout the aquarium. I was worried it would be to busy being a special event but it wasn't bad. Although I did go through a whole bottle of hand sanitizer and a full package of Clorox wipes! I'm determined to let the kids have some fun but still keep Julianna safe. So far it is working this winter. I hope we can get through a full year without a trip to the hospital!

Imagine It Children's Museum - The Magic School Bus. 11/13/12

The kids had to check out the Magic School Buses new exhibit, The Magic School Bus! It was all about weather! It is great for older kids, lots of hands on activities to help learn about what weather and temperatures can do.
Learning about how the sun can heat different surfaces to different temperatures.

 Taking her turn at heating up the sidewalk.

Watching weather on the screen while making small changes to see what will happen. 

A trip to the Farmer's Market 11/02/12

Wow! after the museum we took our first trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market. Again, wow! I had no idea how awesome it was. The prices were awesome and the selection was overwhelming.
Jayden loved walking through the seafood department best. The bakery won Julianna over!

You can actually select your own fish and then watch as they catch it.

Spent less than $40 on all this produce, spices and baked goods. 
They even had water bagels!

Fernbank Museum of Natural History 11/02/12

Justin took a day off and went to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to see the Genghis Khan exhibit. 
Jayden is learning about the time period in 2nd grade history so it was neat to see things from that time period. 

The baby alligators in Nature Quest are doing well!

Juli loves to look in all the cut outs in Nature Quest to see what animals are hiding inside.

A hut during the medieval times.

An actual mummy! It's the first that we've ever seen exposed and that we were allowed to take pictures of! 

I can't remember who wore what now... So here are a few different outfits that may have been worn by various people during the time that Genghis Khan ruled.

Here are a few items that were invented or created when the Mongol Empire ruled. 

Halloween 2012

Our HOA had another great Halloween festival. The kids got to play games, eat yummy treats and trunk or treat. 
They also went trick or treating to through the neighborhood. 
Julianna was a pink poodle. She would wear the costume every day if we let her.
Jayden wanted to be Pokemon. It was very difficult finding a costume so we ended up creating one.