Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fernbank History Museum 12/17

I can never say enough good things about the Fernbank History Museum. We are there so often I rarely take pictures anymore! 

Took the kids and Julianna's friend (my other daughter!) to see Into the Arctic in IMAX. The kids loved it. We hope to go see the one on Monarch Butterflies next month.

Wandering around Las Veags December 2012

Random pictures from the Venetian and Plazzo. 

Caesar's Palace

Jayden asked for pictures of everything we saw! He's been working on Ancient Greece and Rome in school.

For the last 2 nights in Vegas we switched over to Caesar's Palace. The joys of being a travel agent! I have to see and experience it all!

This was the view from our room. We loved sitting and watching the fountains of Bellagio.

Caesar's in the Augustus Tower was very nice. There was a Jacuzzi tub too! Although it was a nice room, I missed all the technology that the Wynn offers in the rooms! 

This time we decided to do a buffet package! It was definitely worth it. 24 hours of food. YUM!
Caesar's was the best overall! worth the $15 surcharge per visit!!
Paris was my second favorite.
Planet Hollywood and Harrah's was okay.

We saw an awesome show at Caesar's called Absinthe! It was the best show ever. Great variety and lots of vulgarity! 

The most heart stopping part was the skaters. They told the audience in the front row not to stand unless they wanted to be decapitated! 

More random pictures form Vegas!

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Our stay at the Wynn in Las Vegas

Our room at the Wynn. 
The Wynn is one of my favorite resorts to stay in. I love the technology that they offer. Not all the resorts on the strip have moved forward in the electronics world! I like pressing a button for everything, especially the lights and blinds!

I love the giant size bathtub. 

From the bridge by Treasure Island.

The view from our room at the room. 

Dinner at Allegro. Justin had veal and it was the size of his plate! All the portions are large here. 

Justin's company had wonderful entertainment at their end of year party!
This is Cirque Du Soleil

As you can see, Justin and I had a great time!