Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

Goodbye 2011, we are so glad that you are almost over! You were not very nice this year!
I couldn't bring myself to send Christmas cards or letters this year. It was such a stressful year for our family. Even typing up this blog post is hard.

January - Jayden was working on 1st grade work through Georgia Cyber Academy and doing great. Julianna turned 4! My sister Josie came to visit for a week with her adorable princess Marcella! We ended the end of the month with Julianna becoming extremely ill.

February- Yeah, I would rather not talk about it!

March - Finally checked Julianna out of the hospital and started her on the road to recovery! Jayden turned 6 and had a party at the house, dinosaur themed of course!

April - Enjoyed a few museums and worked on getting Julianna as healthy as we could. Not much happened.

May - Justin and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! We also started the process of looking at wheel chairs for Julianna. Jayden finished off his Kindergarten school year with 1/2 of 1st grade complete!

June - Julianna attended a few days of ballet camp and seemed to have fun when she was feeling well. Jayden had a blast at Vacation Bible School where they had bounce houses, petting zoos and more. Julianna also attended a few days when she was feeling well.

July - Another hard month! Finally felt that Julianna was feeling well enough to take the 2 day drive to go see my Grandfather who wasn't doing well and losing a battle to cancer. He passed 2 days before we got there. The day we arrived we ended up rushing Julianna to the hospital and stayed in the ICU for a week with Pneumonia again. Juli was out for about 3 days that we got to visit with family in the area when my sister Zena's father-in-law passed suddenly. Wow, can we get a break yet? Thankfully when we got to Pittsburgh Justin flew up to drive us back home to Atlanta. We ended the visit with my mom coming up for a week!

August - Jayden's schooling started back up and his teacher assessed him showing he was above 1st grade. He loves reading and does so well with his school work! We ended the month by inviting a new member to our family! We adopted a 9 week old puppy! Her name is Tiana and she is a Boxer, Staffordshire mix. We are all in love with this bundle of energy!

September - Jayden started back up with Timothy Ministries School. Every Friday he takes Chemistry, Spanish, Animal Science and PE. He loved everything but Science. In the spring he plans to take Chemistry and PE only which were his favorite classes! Julianna was very disappointed that she couldn't attend. Since shes been so sick this past year we have to be careful of germs.

October - Enjoyed some great puppet shows at the center for puppetry arts. The kids had a blast trick or treating. Jayden was a dragon/dinosaur and Julianna was a puppy!

November - Another low key month, played at the park, visited some museums saw some puppet shows.

December - Jayden completed 1st grade and started his 2nd grade work! He is doing so great with school. Julianna is also spending some time at the table with us now working on some stuff in preperation of next year when she starts Kindergarten! Wow, time flies! I took my first trip ever without Julianna who will be 5 next month!!! Justin goes to Vegas every year for work so since the hotel was already taken care of for him and he had enough miles to get me a ticket I took a much needed mommy break! I enjoyed 3 nights of good food, long baths, sleeping through the night and adult time!!! I even read 3 books while I was away! I love my kids and we involve them in practically everything we do so this was amazing for me to get away. It's hard to get away with Julianna's medical issues. We were very lucky that Justin's mom was able to come and stay with the kids for me. Kids had a great Christmas this year! Got some great gifts and fun crafts and science kits this year too. With Julianna's medical issues we spent quite a bit of time at home so fun stuff to keep everyone happy is a must!

Well that's our year! We enjoyed visiting family and friends and all those that came to visit us. The kids had tons of fun visiting museums and puppet shows this past year. I hope we get to do lots of the same in 2012.

Welcome 2012, you better be amazing because i can't handle another 2011!

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