Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cherokee County Aquatic Center 7/22/13

I took the kids to the new Aquatic Center in Cherokee County. They had so much fun! 
$5 kids
$6 adults. 
$16 for a few hours of energy releasing fun! Yes Please!

We met up with some friends and we all had a blast. 
The kids favorite thing was the "toilet" where you get pushed around a big circle by the water. 
There was a FAST moving lazy river, 2 large water slides, a swimming/play area and also this big play structure with water flying everywhere. 

They do not allow any outside food or drinks but the food inside is reasonable.
.75 for chips
$1.50 for a hot dog 
Plus many other options. 

Have fun and see which bucket will tip over first! I saw a lot of adults making a game of it to see who would get dumped on first. :)

Juli loved squirting people.

Having fun in the river with friends. 

Thankful for friends that "get" my kid!

The girls were playing dogs!

1 more flight to get to the top of the water slides.

They are best buddies. Glad my kids love each other so much. I hope it stays that way!

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