Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jayden loves to cut with his scissors and was sitting at the table the other night cutting up paper when he came to show me his giraffe. He was so excited that it really looked like a giraffe!

Jayden did much better at swimming lessons this past week. He still cried about it and didn't want to get in but he still did everything that his teacher said. Hopefully it will just keep getting better for him.

We had planned to have a party for his 4th birthday coming up but Jayden has decided that he does not want any party at all. Just a visit to the aquaruim, zoo and the fernbank history museum. We will be going to the aquarium on the day of his birthday. We are getting him a bicycle and that is all that he's talking about lately. He loves watching the big kids ride in the cul-de-sac in front of our house.

Julianna spilled out some of her yogurt the other day so we ended up getting out some paper and finger painting with yogurt. Hopefully she won't expect to do that every time she eats yogurt!

She loves making excuses to get rescued from bed. Her best request is for hugs or to just go downstairs.

Things have been really crazy with all of her medical stuff lately. Just trying to get everything into order is so overwhelming. We have some followups in April and will hopefully still be in a holding pattern with her spinal surgery. We just don't want to take her ability to walk away just yet. The longer we wait the better, as long as there are no other medical problems appearing.

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