Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here is our little man! He had his 4 year pediatrician appointment and he was so awesome! Last year he cried and pitched a fit just when they tried to weigh and measure him. Today he stood as tall as he good when they measured him and then as still as possible when they weighed him. He answered every questioned that the Dr and nurse had and they were impressed with how smart our little man is! He was telling the Dr all about alligators and what they eat and that it was all part of the food chain! The Dr was also very impressed with how clearly he speaks, she said he is as clear as the 6+ year olds that she sees!
He was so well behaved all day today. He even let me cut his hair off only 6 months ago he was screaming that we were hurting him when we tried to cut it!
This is a picture of him in front of one of our garden boxes (we have to plant in boxes in GA, we have clay not dirt in the ground). He had just finished helping me plant squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. It may not be in perfect rows and some might be to close together but he did an awesome job!

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