Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is busy!

I've been really busy with work lately, which is a good thing since we want to take the kids to Disney World this fall before Juli's spinal surgeries take over our life!

We seem to be swimming every other day! We joined our HOA this year so we could enjoy the pool. Jayden is finally to the point that he is excited to go to the pool. He's not a big fan of learning new things, especially when it has any risk of something going wrong, like his face getting wet! Juli LOVES the water and just needs to build up some strength in her arms and legs. They just aren't strong enough to keep her head above the water, not sure if they ever will be eiher.

Jayden has been attending VBS this week and absolutely loves it! They have bounce houses, petting zoos and loads of crafts. Juli is very upset that she can't stay and have fun so I signed up to volunteer on Friday so she can stay and enjoy everything.

Jayden was accepted into Georgia Cyber Academy and his boxes arrived today. I am very excited about home school, he on the other hand has more important things to do! I hope things go well this school year for the both of us. Juli is more into it than he is. After looking through his books tonight I am sure that most of the year will be review from what he already knows. This program also takes LOTS of field trips. We have 3 adventures for the month of July already planned out with school.

Julianna, Julianna, Julianna.... WOW. She is a girly girl! She knows how to whine better than anyone and she can talk more than I can! Imagine that. She loves to learn new things and build on what she already knows. I have a feeling she will be on the same level educationally as her brother soon! She had surgery on her spine last month to un tether it at the base. It was attached to some fatty tissue and it is supposed to be free floating. It was rough but she bounces back fast. She even seems to hold her head a bit straighter. The doctor said he'd love to take the credit for that but it's rare for that to happen. we will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon in the next few weeks to discuss her next surgery and see how long we can wait to go forward with what ever comes next.

I am going to try harder to update this more often! Life seems to fly by and if I want a quiet minute to myself it has to be when everyone in the house is sound asleep, including Justin! So, here I sit at 11pm trying to fill our family and friends in on our lives while my brain is turning to mush from exhaustion! Lots more has happened in our lives in the past few months I just can't find the time to blog about it.

To sum it all up, LIFE IS GOOD!
We are healthy and happy! What more could we ask for? Good night! Another busy day is making it's way into my life as I type.

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