Monday, April 22, 2013

Imagine It Children's Museum 4/22/13

The kids are defietnly getting older. Thankfully Jayden was a good sport and found something fun to do today. We love all museums but the Atlanta Children's Museum is for a younger crowd. Not much for those over 6 unless they love playing in the large grocery and kitchen area. Of course Juli's favorite area is the grocery area with the carts and conveyor belt! Their traveling exhibit, Body Carnival was okay, nothing really memorable about it. It was interesting for my 8 year old but no real "wow" or "fun" information to report.

The kids had a contest to see who could catch the most fish!

Both of them enjoyed the boxes to push down the conveyor belt. 

Juli is all about gardening now!

Playing with the fun house mirrors in Body Carnival.

Crawling through arteries of the heart. It made real life sound effects too.

Learning how fingers and other joints work.

This is my favorite. Jayden said it reminded him of The Thinker and said they had to pose!

Making his sister smile. They couldn't stop giggling after that picture! 

I can't believe how many good pictures I got of Jayden today! Usually I have blurry pictures of him running the other direction. 

Working on a sand volcano.

Working the fork lift with delivery boxes. 

Juli's favorite thing to do is organize all the groceries in the kitchen. 

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