Monday, April 22, 2013

Pet Day and Geography Day with our homeschool group 4/12/13 - 4/17/13

The kids really enjoyed pet day with our homeschool group. There was a nice variety of animals. Unfortunately our dog still needs to work on her behavior around others and couldn't come with. The kids took some pictures of the dog and got up and spoke about her to the group. It was a very nice day in the park!

Juli and I went to see Brer Rabbit with her class at the Center for Puppetry Arts. We really weren't into this performance as much as we are others that the center puts on. She still had fun though!

Another great event put on by our homeschool group. Each family picked a country and the kids (well it seemed to depend on the family) put together some information about it. Julianna picked Belize and the kids did almost all the work themselves. I helped with the research part. I didn't realize how much the parents were going to do till we arrived! Wow, I think a few of the countries were done by mothers only! 

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