Monday, January 5, 2015

Disney Cruise - Day 7 - November 1, 2014

Both of the kids were very excited to visit Castaway Cay, Disney's private island, but the day was yucky from the start! The waves were horrible and it took the captain multiple times to get in the dock. Once off the ship, food service started 2 hours late and the wind was horrible! It is a great spot that the cruise line has created, but if the wind is bad, it can make the beach unfun. Thankfully the kids were so excited to check it out, we just cut our time on the beach short. There are multiple food venues on the island that are included in your cruise fare as well as an array of activities! 

You can see the waves hitting the breaker and the beach.

Stitch is much cuter in the Caribbean! The line was to long so we waved from a far and moved on. So glad I can still throw Juli on my back! 

The adults only area is on the far side of the island. We dropped the kids at camp where they dug up whale bones and played in a splash area while we explored the adult beach. 

Once we picked up the kids for lunch we found a wagon so I didn't have to wear Juli and we had somewhere to stash all of our stuff. 

Great photo spots throughout the island!

Both kids had seen pictures and videos of this prior to our cruise and were excited to explore it but the wind was crazy and the water was a little chilly than what we like so we skipped it. 

My cute kids! 

Making friends on the beach! We took our own buckets and shovels. They are sold on the island but we are to cheap for that! 

Visiting with Olaf! 

On the last day of the cruise the kids participated in a program called Friendship Rocks. 

Jayden was enjoying the music and dancing down the isle! 

You can see Juli on the right side dancing.

Very few people were back on the ship and we got to spend a few minutes with Minnie Mouse. She really does give some great hugs! So thankful at almost 10 Jayden still loves being a kid and hugging characters. I will be sad when those days are gone. Time really seems to be going too fast! 

Julianna enjoying her last Mickey Bar. To celebrate the last night on the ship, I went with 3 desserts! Haha. I told the waiter I couldn't decide and he said he'd surprise me with one. Well, he brought out all 3! 

Last round of character visits! Goofy! This picture makes me miss my dad terribly! He was such a goofy guy! He would have loved spending time with my silly kids! 

If you want to read more about our Disney Cruise check out my blog posts on the Travel Depot's blog! Think of me when you are ready to book your next vacation! 

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