Monday, January 5, 2015

Disney Cruise - Day 6 - October 31, 2014 Halloween!

For a surcharge of $25 per person, adults can dine (with reservations) at Palo
We enjoyed brunch on our last sea day, and I have to say that this was the best meal I ate while on board the Disney Magic.
This was my first plate.... Yes, there were many that followed! Lots of fresh ingredients as you can see.

Amazing Sticky Buns. There was so much sticky syrup that they were soaking in. YUM~
Our waiter was disappointed that we didn't eat more, so he sent us back to our cabin with a plate full of desserts. 
I loved that on deck 4, we were able to walk the whole length of the ship. Only 3 laps around the ship is a mile. They also had shuffle board on this deck.
Beautiful view to enjoy while walking.

After lunch the kids were excited to see treat bags in our cabin! 

Juli had a ton of fun dancing with Pluto at a dance party in the lounge. 
My cute kids, with Justin spookily appearing in the mirror. Dressed as Phineas, Isabella and Perry!

It was animation night in Animator's Palate. We each received a placemat to draw a character on. At the end of the meal they all came to life on the screens! It was neat to watch. 

This was the healthiest appetizer I saw for kids all week! I wish we would have seen it at the beginning of the week because we would have requested it every night.
I saw a Princess Aurora Rocky Road Sundae on one of the other menus and it never showed up on the restaurant that we were dining in. After requesting it two nights in a row our waiter was able to get some for us!
Back to the cabin to see our towel animal.
Great place to have a time change is the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!
We dressed up as characters from Phineas and Ferb. 

The characters put on a great show. After a group dance on the stage they mingled with all the guests in the lobby. It got very crazy with everyone trying to get close to them.

Another dance with Pluto! Really, is it possible to hug Pluto to many times in one week?

Goodbye Pluto! 

After all the family activities were over, Justin and I headed to the adults only party while the kids played in camp.

My favorite adult costume was a man dressed as the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. 

Jayden was having fun with a game went we picked him up at midnight, he didn't want to leave!

Waiting for an elevator at midnight! What an exhausting and long day!

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