Friday, September 30, 2011

Catch Air in Marietta 9/15/11

Our new favorite indoor play place Catch Air just opened a few weeks ago and the kids love it for the awesome equipment that they have and I love it because the whole time we were there an employee was cleaning the equipment! We avoid indoor play places because of all the germs that are on the equipment. At least one employee was cleaning the whole time that we were there, even up inside the play structures! I figured since this was a new play place and all the equipment was new that we would be able to visit before the place became infested with germs, I didn't expect the staff cleaning the way that they did. Life has been stressful with all the "no's" we've been saying to the kids. It's not easy avoiding fun places for us! We hope to visit again before cold and flu season is in full swing! Hopefully we will have an amazingly healthy winter so we can visit in the spring! Yes, I dream big when it comes to health!
They have a 3 story play structure, bounce houses, various pieces of equipment throughout, a merry-go-round that the kids propel themselves, a 5 and under area that has some really cool stuff and even musical equipment!
We met some of the kids friends and they all had so much fun. One of the girls was celebrating her 5th birthday which made the day even more fun!

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