Saturday, September 10, 2011

Milestones we don't talk about

Both my children have a blankie that they've been attached to since birth. Jayden was about 5 when he stopped carrying it around with himevery morning when he was trying to wake up, and up until a month ago he would still take it out of bed to use as a cape, a parachute, a net or anything else he could pretend it was to him! Julianna gets out of bed every morning with her blankie wrapped around her and keeps it for awhile in the morning, she picks it up again in the afternoon for some quiet time and then makes sure its with her at bed, until this week that is. She came down the steps the last 4 days without it and didn't look for it till she crawled in bed at the end of the day. :( This may be because the puppy has been trying to steal it from her but I can't believe how grown up the kids are getting! Time flies by so fast so go hug your babies! No matter how old they are, they are changing and growing (not always vertically or in ways that we want them to grow!) everyday.

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