Saturday, September 10, 2011

It was a busy week!

Here is an update on the kids!

Jayden -He's doing so great with school! First grade spends a lot of time on the Greeks which is one of his favorite topics. Right now he's learning all about light and we made a sundial this week to see how it worked. His teacher assesed his reading last week and he's a grade level ahead! He's finally getting into reading and started reading to Juli more. On Fridays he participates in a program called Timothy Ministries. He takes Chemistry, Spanish, Animal Science and PE. He has so much fun at this program!

Julianna - This girl is a handful! She loves to keep us on our toes. We just never know what she is going to say or do next. I had planned on working on numbers with her this year but she can count well beyond 25 so I started working on addition with her. Once again she surprised me by creating her own problems and showing me addition and subtraction problems with everything she plays with. She's mastered the letter sounds and is working on putting them together. Sight words are not working for her, Jayden had a hard time with sight words at that age too. She's got plenty of time though and we are really only working on what she is interested in. She's very dissapointed that she doesn't get to go to school this year. We are trying to protect her from all the germs as much as we can. Our goal is to stay out of the hospital this year! She started music class again yesterday and absolutely loved it! The music class does such a great job. We will be participating in that for the month of September.

Our family - Still working on the puppy peeing outside of the house! She's getting better though. The kids adore her and love playing with her. We have lots of fun outings planned over the next few weeks and then we will only participate in a few activities towards the end of October through December. Museums, zoos etc, anywhere that I can stand next to Julianna and keep other children away from her! From mid December through mid March we most likely won't leave the house much! No grocery store carts especially! We were wanting to take her to Disney for her birthday but Justin and I decided it would be to risky touching all of the rides and staying with my mother in an adult community. The chances of getting sick are just to risky. We will wait till either the end of March for Jayden's birthday or go in May for our 10 year wedding anniverary and my birthday! We can always celebrate her birthday later with the Dinosaurs at T-Rex Cafe like she wants to.

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