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Disney Magic Cruise - Day 1 lesson - NEVER surprise an autistic kid! October 26, 2014

Julianna has wished for a Disney Cruise for a few years now. She memorized the advertisements and videos that Disney has put out and told everyone about it. Since I am a travel consultant, we decided to save up and make it happen on our own instead of going through Make-A-Wish. What an amazing feeling to surprise our children with the vacation of a life time! At this time we do not have a date for spinal correction surgery, but with a 30% chance of paralysis, we wanted to make sure that she had her wish granted and big brother was just as excited to cruise as she was! Enjoy!

The kids attended a homeschool session at the Atlanta History Center and learned about an Art Heist earlier in the month! Justin asked the kids a few questions about it and then hatched a plan with them to sneak onto the ship! 

Enjoying breakfast at a super yummy bagel shop we found in Cape Canaveral. 

Driving over to the port, Juli, came up with some crazy ideas for getting on the ship! 

Jayden was panicking! He was so scared that we were going to get into trouble. He even mentioned that he would never be able to become president with a police record!

Juli sees the ship!

When we arrived at the port to drop off our baggage, I pulled Jayden out of the car to tell him the truth. I handed him the documents and I think the video shows his relief and then happiness pretty well. Love this honest boy!

When Jayden hopped in the car, while we dealt with the luggage, he told Julianna! We were so sad that we missed the exact moment that she knew we were really getting on the ship! This was what she said when we got back in the car. You can tell that she was crying too. I had some very emotional kids that day! 

I wish we would have headed to the port earlier but everything I read about Disney recently said they were strict on arrival times. We got 1st boarding! 

Instead of boarding right away, we met Juli's favorite character, Pluto! 

Of course all of her dogs vacation with us! 


I love how they welcome each family on to the ship! It was hard to film the kids while dealing with all of Juli's medical equipment though. I love the smile on Jayden's face. He was very excited.

Let's get this vacation started!!!!

They had a story time around the Halloween Tree on the first night. Each kid received a seed card to put in the bucket and during the middle of the cruise the tree was full of pumpkins!

My kids are always ready when they get the chance to dance around!

She wasn't tired at all...... She just needed to rest for a second!

Say hi to Peter Pan and Princess Tiger Lily!

I'm just an indian! 

Her first Mickey bar of the week!

What an amazing, fun, and exhausting day! 

If you'd like to see more pictures of Disney Cruise Lines, check out the Travel Depot blog! I will hopefully start adding to it this week,

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