Saturday, November 22, 2014

Disney Magic Cruise - Day 2 - October 27, 2014

We had tickets for the first day at sea to meet characters. At 9:00am we met Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of Arendelle and then Tiana, Belle and Cinderella at 9:30am. I was not happy starting the first day of our cruise this early, but it was decided by the cruise line! As soon as we boarded the ship I went right to guest services to request tickets and they let the computer generate the time. The person at guest services didn't seem to speak enough english to understand I wanted a later time. So, while it was very early, I'm glad that we visited them right away and got it done with. We waited less than 15 minutes for both character meet and greet sets. I wish they would have done the Fab 5 as a ticketed event!
All the screens in the restaurant showed scenes from Frozen.

They talked with the kids about being siblings.

Even the carpet is covered in Mickey!

We loved the halloween decor throughout the ship. The portholes were either pumpkins or spiderwebs. 

After meeting Elsa and Anna, we headed over to meet some princesses. 

Belle asked the kids all about their favorite books and suggested that Jayden read the The Time Machine next!

\My children love Tiana, but wished that Prince Naveen would have been there.

We spent the afternoon with everyone else on the ship, hanging out at the pool! There was a great kids pool, but it was packed the first day at sea. The yellow slide was nice.

It was funny to watch everyone in the pool slide back and forth with the movement of the ship. The pools and hot tubs were full of kids!

The perfect afternoon snack delivered right to our room! Justin and I took the cookies and smooshed the Mickey's bars in between. They were sooooo good that way!

Haven't even made it to dinner yet and the Princess was sleepy. 

Getting ready for the show to start. This was my favorite show night, Twice Charmed, a twist on Cinderella! Disney knows how to put on a good show.

Our formal night was at Lumiere's so Julianna wore her Belle dress. On the left is Juli with two of the men from our wait staff.

Are you ready for your heart to melt? This girl had me crying! She amazes me every day. On this vacation she learned about karaoke. As soon as she heard about it and knew what it was she insisted on signing up. Even though it wasn't till 11pm! She took charge, chose the song, and as soon as they called her name, she jumped out of her seat and marched right up to the stage. The best part of the video is the last few second where she says "oops!" Haha, it is adorable, I hope you enjoy this video as much as we have. The host for karaoke, was amazing with the kids. We were all excited to run into her through our cruise. 

Another day is over! We love coming back to our clean stateroom with chocolates waiting for us and a fun animal. 


  1. Wow! Good job Juli! Now get your mom and dad to get you a karoke player for Christmas! I love how you tap your toe in the rest beats!