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Disney Cruise - Day 4 - St. Maarten and Pirate Night! October 29, 2014

Since this vacation was specifically planned because it was, Disney Cruise Lines, we planned nothing on the islands. We hope to visit  these islands again on another sailing someday. We got off the ship, wandered around the port and then got back on so we could take advantage of the pool areas that were less busy with most of the guests being off the ship. 
Beautiful island as you can see! To think this is just the cruise port, imagine what the rest of the island looks like. 
St. Maarten

True to his character, Goofy painting the ship!

Look, we visited St. Maarten....

Found a nice little bakery cart and bought some yummy macaroons. We tried chocolate and coffee, and they were both tasty.

We found Stitch when we got back on the ship. He was ready for pirate night and in front of the cool pumpkin tree.

Back on the ship for some fun! Finally got a chance to go on the water slide. 

Disney has life vests for all those that need them on board the ship! 

Even Justin had fun playing in the kids water area. 

Disney's newest waterslide the AquaDunk! 

So glad that we stayed on the ship most of the day, it was so nice to be the only ones in the hottub! 

Pirate Night
I took pirate hat making kits with for the kids to work on while we attempted to rest for 5 minutes! Disney needs to stop putting the word vacation after their name! There is just so much to do on the ship and they add in a ton of activities because of halloween. Justin and I can usually each finish a few books on a 7 night cruise, on this sailing we struggled to finish 1 each! 

Arrrggghhh! There be pirates in my cabin!

These were in our cabin after the morning cleaning. It wasn't a full square bandana, just a triangle, but it was a cute little souvenir. 

I have two very cute pirates! I even brought foam swords with that lit up. The kids were amazed that I had planned all of this with out them knowing.

The port windows were decorated as pumpkins or spider webs on the public decks.

Found some short lines for characters and got some great photos. 

Minnie Mouse really gives the best hugs!

Between the show, Villains tonight (which was fantastic!) and dinner we went A Pirates Life for Me game show. They had Julianna swabbing the deck!

 The kids menu doubled as a pirate hat. 

We hit a bad spot of weather and the cast members, I mean pirates had to swab the deck too! Thankfully the captain was amazing and steered us out of the rain for a few hours so we got to enjoy the full Pirate event!

Made some friends with cast members because of Juli singing karaoke and they escorted us to handicap seating to the side of the stage. You can't really get any closer to the show. Minnie even gave her a hug and kiss and watched a bit of the show with her. 

Stitch is always fun!

The characters got close with our family! 

Jayden learning the robot. Captain Hook took over the ship and had everyone under his control!

Ahhh, Fireworks while sailing the ocean. What a wonderful end to the day!

Mickey Ziplined across everyone and signaled the start of the fireworks!

Then it was time to say goodbye to all the characters in their pirate gear. We headed to the Pirate Buffet, but the line was very long.

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