Monday, December 1, 2014

Disney Magic Cruise - Day 3 - October 28, 2014

There was so much to do everyday that we had to skip so many things that we wanted to do. This definitely was not a relaxing vacation! I felt that it was crazier than a week spent in Disney World. 

There are a number of craft sessions available for families, kids only and even adults only throughout the ship listed in the navigator each day. This was Juli making a halloween door knocker in the kids club during open house hours. There were even character drawing lessons for adults at Animator's Palate. 

Disney has the best security program for kids that I have ever seen. We were wandering around and peeked into the nursery area, which is separate from the older kids clubs, and the lady at the desk said hello to each of the kids by name... Turns out their bands are amazing trackers that let the staff know where any child is at any time! The cast member let me take a picture of the screen showing my kids. On the left you can see that there were 121 children checked in to the children's programs and 9 were inside the nursery. 

We found out that the best time to swim was after 4pm! The pool areas were empty. Justin and Jayden went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the theater so I hit the spa for a bit before picking Julianna up to go to the pool for some fun together. It was the first time that the hot tubs were empty too! Most times that we passed it there were 6+ kids in each.

The pumpkins magically appeared on the tree today. The kids thought it was neat to see them. There was another story around the tree tonight by the "caretaker" but we had other things on our to do list for the day and missed it.

Juli had fun meeting Peter Pan.

The guys met up with us just in time to meet Captain Hook and get a fun picture!

Jayden had to order double desserts! Sometimes, it is really hard to choose just one!

My favorite restaurant for dinner on the ship is Animator's Palate, mainly because it is show night! The room and staff started in black and white and turned to color as the night went on. The finale was led by Sorcerer Mickey dancing through the dining room! 

Here is Mickey dancing around. Enjoy!

Back to the stage for this girl! She had no idea what the words were to half the songs she chose and the screen was to far away for her to see the words. All that mattered was that she loved every second of it!

There just aren't enough kids singing songs from Frozen! Juli had to sing Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Julianna singing Do you Want to Build a Snowman?
For some reason the video won't save on here!

The kids only know the words "backyard beach" haha, the rest is them dancing around and mumbling along.

Jayden was scared to meet Jack and Sally, so Juli and I went and met them after midnight! 

To see more pictures of the Disney Magic visit my agency blog!

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