Sunday, December 14, 2014

Disney Cruise - Day 5 - St Thomas October 30, 2014

This was our calmest day the whole cruise.
In St. Thomas we took a cab over to Frenchman's Wharf and Morning Star by Marriott to spend the day. Beautiful resort, but tons of walking! There were way too many stairs to count. It is a gorgeous resort, but I don't see us visiting again.

The kids loved that there were iguanas everywhere. 

The beautiful beach where we spent the afternoon. Only downside was how hot the sand was and the long walk it took us to get to the beach! To add to the hot sand, Jayden, wasn't feeling well. Our kids are used to eating lots of vegetables at home and on Disney's ships, there weren't many vegetable options for kids. Jayden ordered off the kids menu every night because it was cool to get the kids "Disney" themed meals. When we cruise on Carnival, he orders off the adult menu and eats healthier. He ate way too much pizza and burgers on Disney! On Carnival he eats shark fritters, alligator, steak, grilled vegetables, shrimp..... But on Disney, if you order fries, your waiter will put it on a plate in the shape of Mickey's head!

Our kids love playing in the sand, more than the ocean!

After playing on the beach, we rinsed off and relaxed in the pool. 

My handsome boys!

Deck 5 looking down the stairwell. The only downside of having a Juli, is that we can't take the stairs every time! You had to be quick to catch an elevator at peak times.

We loved how they turned the large port windows into sitting areas on Beat Street. I wish there was more downtime on this vacation to relax in one of these windows!

Tonight we mixed things up and went to see Alexander and the No Good, Horrible Bad Day, followed by a fast dinner in Cabana's and then the late show! On this sailing we opted for the early show and a late dinner. While it was late for us to eat at 8:15pm every night, we really enjoyed it. There were more adults and less children, which meant less crying children during the show! Win-Win for us! The only issue we had with this was that there were not very many good food options for us to eat a late lunch at. The lunch buffet closed at 2pm each day leaving pizza, burgers and room service as the only options for us between 2pm and 8pm! Ordering room service between 4 and 6 was stressful too, because we waited up to an hour sometimes. So after 20 minutes of discussing what we wanted to order, and then placing the order, that's an hour and half sitting in the cabin accomplishing very little!

The nightly show was the Dream Goes On! 

Love our nightly towel animals.

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