Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Julianna and her love of dogs!

Julianna wants a dog so badly but we don't want to get just any dog! We really wanted a therapy or service dog for her. Most are labs or goldens. We've applied for one and were told that she will be about 9 years old by the time that we see a dog! That's 4 years from now!!! She talks about it constantly, pretending that she has a dog and even pretends that she is one some times! The other day she was playing with all of her puppies and asked me make them all kiss her. Another night I went in to put her mask on and found her asleep with a photo card of Casper, a Canine Assistance dog that we see at the hospital. When I asked her about it in the morning she said that she couldn't
take her eyes off of him! I am currently looking at other options but they are all very expensive.

I also applied for extreme makeover for our family. The kids love watching the show and Juli told me she wants to build and tear down houses just like they do on the show when she grows up. I'm worried the kids are too excited about it, I'm sure they get millions of applications a day! Both the kids keep talking about all the things they want to do to their rooms! It's very cute.

For now we will visit the dogs that come to the hospital and visit animal shelters. Hopefully things will come together soon and we will be a family 5, with the 5th member having 4 legs! ;)

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