Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Town and Country Vet Clinic (Another look at pets)

So the kids and I tried to explore dogs at a different pet adoption location. I had no idea how different these places could be from each other. The place today had a lot of dogs up for adoption but the center was not as loving as Our Pal's Place! They had no yard for the dogs to play or run or even to be walked to go to the bathroom. From what I gathered these dogs will stay in their cages for majority of their stay! :( 2 dogs stood out to us, a high energy black lab and a sweet red dachshund. Both were under 2 years old, their stories are unknown other than that they were picked up at a county shelter where they were about to be euthanized. These dogs would have to be retrained to go outside to the bathroom and be crated for at least awhile till they got used to our home. We will continue to look for now!

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