Sunday, August 21, 2011

We are officially looking for a new member for our family!

Took the kids to Our Pal's Place in Marietta. These puppies are about 8 weeks old and were severely dehydrated when OPP (Our Pal's Place) found them in a county animal shelter. The mom is very well behaved and mild mannered. The puppies are paper trained and adorable. The kids fell in love with the black dog named Heyward. We just started to look and our original plan was to get a lab or retriever of some kind since they are usually so great with kids and the breeds that most service dogs happen to be. The kids won't stop talking about the puppies though! This is a great pet adoption facility and the prices seem to be lower than what we've seen at other locations. Check out some of the other dogs that need homes! Right now we are having a hard time trying to decide if we should peruse the pup the kids picked today or wait a little longer... The kids and I have visited a few pet stores to play but have no intentions of buying a dog from a pet store. At this time the kids just want a dog.


  1. awwwwww....are they fixed? up to date on shots? im very hesitant to adopt from anyone who isnt our vet(every vet ive used has always had various animals available and usually they know their history) we had a bad experience getting a puppy from a CL ad a few years back. but if he is vaccinated and UTD on shots, obviously the children adore him, id probably try it. but be ready for (more) sleepless nights bc he's used to sleeping with his litter mates....

  2. Yes shots are up to date and they fix. Since we are interested in a puppy they won't do it till 6 months, so we have to take it back at that time.