Friday, August 12, 2011

Visiting Central Pennsylvania

What a trip! Seriously, it's hard to describe all of the insanity that we dealt with! Juli had a mild cough on the drive up and we thought all would be fine with lots of breathing treatments and even a visit to the pulmonary doctor before we left town! We left Georgia Saturday morning and drove half way only for Jayden to spike a fever in the middle of the night while staying at a hotel in Virginia. Ran to the pharmacy at 1am with both kids and thankfully got it under control. Got to Zena's house Sunday night and Juli was struggling to breathe! Packed our hospital stuff said good bye to Jayden and Zena's family and she took us to the hospital. We were admitted to the ICU and spent 8 days in the hospital there. During that time Zena and her family took Jayden in for me! Thank you! Since I had to stay with Juli I missed my Grandfathers funereal. Thankfully we were at least able to visit with my Grandmother before leaving town. We did not take Julianna in though, I was to nervous to take her into a nursing home with all the germs! The last day that we were there I took Luke and Miranda to Perkins where we met Josie and our Aunt Barbara. We got to celebrate Miranda's 10th birthday while there! Afterward I was supposed to take the kids over to Dot and Roland Beavers house to meet Zena but on our way over we got the disturbing call that Roland was ill and not to come by the house. My heart goes out to all of the Beavers! They went through a very stressful week before they had to say goodbye to Roland.

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