Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Children's Museum in Atlanta Imagine It

We went to the Children's Museum last week and met up with some friends for a fun day! Jayden's best buddy Luke was there and the 2 had a blast and participated in all kinds of activities that they did with the kids. Juli's favorite areas are the kitchen and the sand area. She loves so many parts of the museum but those are her favorites. Jayden, bounces from one thing to the next!
Now a plug about how awesome is! If you haven't checked out the site you need to! We get tickets and restaurant certificates for 1/2 off all the time! We bought tickets for the museum off of 1/2 off depot and paid under $20, my girlfriend bought her tickets directly through the museum and her bill was over $40! We are a very active family and this site has saved us tons of money! We went to the melting pot with a $50 certificate on Justin's birthday that we only paid $25 for!

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