Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 8 in Disney World - Hollywood Studios - The last day!

We started today off with breakfast at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian. The Mad Hatter sat next to Jayden and tried to have a cup of tea with him and then Mary Poppins came and talked to Jayden afterward! Juli has definitely gotten more comfortable with the characters. After a breakfast of Mickey Mouse Waffles we headed to Hollywood Studios to do a few more things before heading to my moms for the night. My mom took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast earlier in the week while Justin and I went on the Tower of Terror so today we took the the kids to see it again and I am glad that we did! They do such an amazing job with their shows. The only complaint was that is was so hot out! After the show Jayden and I went on the Tower of Terror together. I can't believe he suggested he try it out! He was scared by the drops but enjoyed it. After meeting up with Justin and Juli we all headed back into the Animation building to see who else we could get autographs from. Juli got brave and visited with Frozone and Mr. Incredible. Then we headed over to Pixar lane and got in line to see Woody. They had some cool props to get pictures with while waiting in line! Jayden strapped himself to rocket and Justin tried to get the claw to pick Jayden. They also got autographs from a Green Army man. Before lunch the kids played in the Honey I shrunk the Kids movie set one last time. At this point everyone was hot, tired, cranky and ready to go. Shockingly Jayden fell asleep on the way to my moms house and Juli stayed awake.... That's it, there isin't anymore!

What an amazing week it has been for our family! After the last 3 years we have been through so many ups and downs with Julianna medically that we are so happy to be able to finally relax knowing we have a long break for the medical world. Disney was a wonderful way to celebrate how lucky we really are! Since spinal surgery in May she has done awesome and hopefully won't have another surgery like that for at least a few years! We did learn that we will never be stroller/wheel chair free on big trips like this, though it did have it's perks to needing her stroller! So I am sad to say here are the pictures from the last day in Magical Disney World! I look forward to going back in a few years and doing it all over again! But for now I will start planning a cruise for next year! :) We need a calmer less packed week!
Feel free to comment on any of the posts or ask any questions! I will post a few more random pics from my moms camera today too as well as any links for videos of the kids!

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