Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 7 in Disney World - 2nd day in the Magic Kingdom

So the first time we tried the Magic Kingdom it started to pour just before dinner and it was still pouring after dinner and we ended up leaving. :( Today the weather was on our side and we got to do it all and some things twice! We started down main street and got some yummy breakfast from the bakery. The muffins were huge! Then we headed straight for Adventure Land where we rode the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, pirates of the Caribbean, The tiki room and the Jungle Cruise. Then we went over to Frontierland and Liberty Square to enjoy the Country Bear Jamboree, the Hall of Presidents and a few other things. Jayden was excited to see Teddy Roosevelt in it because he remembers him from the movie Night at the Museum! The kids were excited to finally meet Princess Tiana and Prince Naven from Princess and the Frog! They were so great with the kids! After lunch in Tomorrow land Jayden and Justin went off to ride some rides that were not suitable for Juli so her and I headed to toon town to see if there were any Princesses to meet! We were sooo lucky again with lines! There were 2 lines and the one for Princesses said 15minutes the other was for the Fairies and said 25 minutes. Turns out the Princesses was about 5 and the Fairies was over an hour wait! They were doing semi private meetings with each family! They took us back alone to a room to meet Cinderella, Belle, and Aurua! Juli walked right up to Cinderella and she got on the floor with Juli and talked to her for awhile about her Prince Charming, next Juli walked right past Belle and when I asked her about why she didn't stop she said that Belle already signed her book! lol So, she walked right to Aurua who also sat on the floor with her and talked about tea parties. They were all so great talking with Julianna and the cast members kept asking me how old she was! After that we met back up with the boys and played in Tomorrow land for awhile. The kids loved the Space Ranger Spin. Once we had done everything in the park that we wanted to do we headed back to Fantasyland to ride some of their favorites all over again. We rode the Carousel this time which Julianna loved. Jayden was excited that he was able to pull the sword out of the stone that is in front of the carousel! Finally we headed back down Main Street to find a seat for the Firework and the Parade. Justin picked a perfect spot while I got all of us some ice cream. When we asked Jayden if he was enjoying his ice cream he said "it's like a dream come true". So after more than an hour of waiting the Fireworks finally started and the kids loved it, Jayden thought it was neat how Tinkerbell flew out of the Castle! So when the fireworks were over we had about another 1/2 hour to go till the Parade would start and the kids were so tired and restless at this point. But once it started and the street went dark and music started to play it was all worth it! Juli loves anything with lights and music because of her vision and Jayden loved that some of the characters in the parade were from some of his favorite movies like Pete's Dragon! They also liked the bugs that zig-zagged down the street. Juli fell asleep before we even got out of the park and Jayden went right to sleep without so much as a word. It was a truly magical day, but very exhausting for all of us!

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