Monday, September 6, 2010

Day1 in Disney World - EPCOT

We started our first day, Friday in Epcot. The kids had lots of fun in the innoventions buildings with all the hands on stuff. Jayden and Juli each got to have a pig and went through different games trying to save up money and fill their pigs. We had mickey mouse ice cream sandwiches for snack, which all of us enjoyed! Later on we headed towards the world showcase but Juli was passed out in my arms by the time we walked into the restaurant for dinner and was woken up by Belle rubbing her silk glove against her cheek while saying "wake up Princess Julianna so you can have your picture taken with me, Belle"! Her eyes got so wide when she opened them and saw Belle standing there! She was unsure of all the characters getting in her face but liked seeing the Princesses. I was excited to see my favorite Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (less I was excited, even though I am 30!). Jayden was disappointed that Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog was not there. Hopefully we will see her later in the week somewhere. While we were dining we also got to meet with Snow White, Jasmine and Cinderella! The food was outstanding and it's the quietest restaurant with characters that we've dined at so far, I highly recommend it! The kids had lots of fun touring Epcot and riding the attractions.
Jayden's favorite attraction was test track and Juli's was the Nemo and Crush area. Justin and I both enjoyed Soarin. We waited no more than 15 minutes in any line with the exception of Soarin which was more like 40mins.

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