Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 3 in Disney World - Hollywood Studios

Definetly our favorite park so far! The pictures are loading randomly, so bare with me! We started off the day watching the playhouse disney show so the kids could see some of their favorite characters. Then we saw the Little Mermaid show which Juli absolutely LOVED! The kids got to meet lots of characters in the Animation area. Jayden refused to get his picture with Lotso, because he is mean in the movie! He did get to talk to Mary Poppins which is one of his favorites! The autograph books are quickly filling up! We enjoyed lunch with some of our favorite playhouse Disney characters. Since my mom was with to watch the kids we got to go on the Tower of Terror which was fun with the exception of the people in front of us that wouldn't stop screaming from the second they buckled their seatbelts! I still have a headache from them. We all enjoyed Toy Story Mania before hanging out at the Block Party where the kids got to play and dance in the street with Characters and cast members. We enjoyed dinner at Pizza Planet! Definitely don't suggest playing any of the games though! They are way pricey and they eat your quarters and no one in pizza planet can help you! The pizza was good though. Muppet 3D was fun to watch and the kids enjoyed running around Honey I shrunk the kids playarea. The night ended with a purchase of a chaser for each child. Jayden choose R2D2 (which makes an annoying noise!) and Julianna picked Minnie Mouse. She had 3 different ones on the counter and she stared at them for a few moments before choosing. I wish I would have taken a picture of that! The kids did an awesome job sitting for over an hour while we waited for Fantasmic to start. We all agreed afterward that it was worth every minute of waiting! The kids loved every second of it. I wish there was a way to record every second of them because it truly is amazing to experience Disney as an Adult but while watching your own children experience all of it!

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