Monday, October 15, 2012

Atlanta Sky Zone 8/29/12

Atlanta Sky Zone was very cool! There were sooo many trampolines! On the wall, below your feet....
Jayden loved the dodge ball arena best and Juli loved running and jumping into the foam pit.
They also had strips of  trampoline to practice slam dunking a basketball! We look forward to going back in the spring.
Jayden running from trampoline to trampoline.

Jayden playing Dodge ball with some friends in our home school group. 

I got Juli to stop running along enough to take a picture! We are very protective of her at places like this. The workers were great with making sure she had a few trampolines to her self. She does great on her own, it's just when someone else bounces her........

Julianna loved running, stopping and then sliding into the foam pit! She's to scared to jump and I am thankful for that! It was a great workout for her body!

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