Monday, October 15, 2012

Visiting my Grandma and the kids went to Sarris with Justin! 9/15/12

So, the month of September was crazy for us! I had plans to head to New Jersey to surprise my sister Josie with a bridal shower and dress shopping, but then Justin's Grandfather passed away unexpectedly and everything changed. I got to drive to Pittsburgh (12 hours) with him and the kids on Thursday, fly to Philadelphia Saturday morning and then take a bus back to Pittsburgh on Monday so I could drive home with Justin and the kids on Tuesday. Whew, did you follow all that? Anyway we were sad to see Pap pass away but know that his health had been declining. Thankfully he went in his sleep and is hopefully being bossed around my his wife right now. :) 

I was very lucky to have some time to spend with my Grandmother who is in New Jersey. It definitely was not enough time! I wish I was able to visit her more often.

While I was off in New Jersey Justin took the kids to his favorite ice cream and candy shop, Sarris! The only good part about the detour to Pittsburgh was seeing all of Justin's family! Especially his super adorable nieces!

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