Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoo Atlanta 10/9/12

Another fun trip to Zoo Atlanta

Can someone tell me what these meer kats are doing?

No trip is complete with out a picture of a panda bear!

My kids fell in love with the newest exhibit for bush dogs! They watched them for a good 1/2 hour while they ran around their habitat and tried to pull roots out of the ground. Of course Juli asked me if she could take one home with her. Me being the mean parent that I am said NO! 

No, you can't have a pet goat either! 

She asked him if he liked her brushing and he answered her! Not sure what he said but she assumed it was a yes!

My son actually stopped and sat with this goat to brush him. yup, he sat in the animal area where there's poop all over the ground! 

Both kids loved feeding the parakeets. There are so many of them, even at the end of the day they are still wanting to be fed more!

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