Monday, October 15, 2012

Georgia Cyber Academy and why we love it

We attended a Meet-n-Greet the first week of school for Julianna to meet her teacher Mrs. Powell.

Georgia Cyber Academy is a state run charter school. I know way to many people that are against charter schools for various reasons. For us it is a great option for our children's education.

When it comes to education it's important to have options. If we sent Julianna to our local public school they would need to hire an aid for her (that's what the school told us). She would not be able to attend school during the worst of cold and flu season which can be months! Not to mention all the days she'd miss for doctors appointments and therapy sessions. By choosing GCA for Julianna we are saving tax payers tons of money by not having them hire an aid, a teacher to visit the home during the winter months and all the physical changes they would have to make (by law) to accommodate her height.

Georgia Cyber Academy is a title 1 school and  funded by tax papers but it costs less than sending a child to a physical public school. Both of my children have teachers that they can call up or log on and ask questions. They can attend online classes where they get to participate and ask questions as well as school sponsored field trips. Cyber schools are not for every child, just as public school is not for every child. Every parent should have the right to choose what is best for their children.

Jayden struggles with sitting for long periods of time. By choosing GCA for him he can take frequent breaks and learn while bouncing on a ball or running laps through the house while I ask math facts! With time, I know he will be able to control himself better and sit longer but for now this is a great option for him. He is doing so well with his lessons that he is a full year ahead in math and about 3/4of the year a head in Language Arts. All approved by the school through evaluations that they have him take regularly.

Please consider supporting charter schools!

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