Monday, October 15, 2012

Creative Discovery Musuem 10/15/12

One of my children's favorite children's museums is the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN.
Jayden loves making stop animation videos!

My little artist.

Art on the computer too.

A trip here is not complete unless your shoes are full of sand!

This is the rock climbing wall for the traveling exhibit Play! Build! Climb! 
It was definetly geared towards little, little kids! Juli enjoyed it though. Any playground equipment is fun for my tiny girl!

While Juli played with the traveling exhibit Jayden played in the bee area! It's one of his favorite places.

My Drone! 

Both my children' LOVE the water area! It's the first and last place for them to visit. It's one of the nicest water areas I've seen in museums. It's geared toward a wide range of ages and abilities! 

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