Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A few minutes in Belize... 3/5/13

Good Morning! Today we are in Belize and have no plans other than wandering around the pier. We spent some time reviewing the pictures that the kids took on their cameras over breakfast.

Belize does not have a pier and we had to tender in. It was a very stressful process for us! If you are physically able then it was a piece of cake. They had everyone meet in one of the lounges to get a tender sticker and then once your name was called you followed 1 carnival employee to the other end of the ship and then down 3 flights of stairs! The guy practically ran and we all raced to keep up. There was about 50 people trying to follow this guy. We hit the elevator button as soon as we got to the stair/elevator area but we couldn't even go down to the tender area without an employee using their key! They told us it was easy to use a wheelchair to get to the port. Justin had to carry her chair down a flight of steps to get onto the rocking boat! I wish we would have been better prepared for Belize! In all honestly we hated Belize! The boat ride from the ship was about 20 minutes and thees not much at the port except expensive shops since it really is not safe to go right outside the gates with out being haggled. 

This was the sign over a bar/restaurant that was right on the water. While I think it is funny, I am thankful that I don't need or want a husband daycare!

Cocoa beans!

We all enjoyed a yummy truffle at the MOM Chocolate shop. Off to the left you can see a guard. There were armed guards all over the pier.

This is just outside the secure area. There were many people yelling from the gate for people to come out so they can show you Belize...

You should always have a beer in each hand when on vacation!

We found my mom on the ferry headed back to the boat. 

Checking out the pictures that she took.

Once back on the ship the kids wanted to check out the water slides. Justin had a cold and was not feeling very well and wanted a nap so the kids and I stayed on the small slides. Jayden is not a thrill seeker anyway and I'm to nervous to let Juli go down the big slides. It stinks that she is my adventurous one and yet she is so limited to what she can physically (and safely) do!

We ran into Uncle Marc and Marcella at the slides! Marcella LOVED the slides! My camera died once they got there so I didn't get any of her beautiful smile!

Here are the trinkets that we bought in Belize. The kids each bought a little toy. Which seemed over priced for the islands. Of course we bought a magnet and then Justin got some coffee to take to work.

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