Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Costa Maya, Mexico 3/7/13

We decided to venture to the beach on our own in Costa Maya. We had never been before but everything online said it was very friendly and we picked a beach that had good ratings. We were not impressed! The beach had trash on it, nothing major but lots of bottle caps and other little things. We went to a public beach but were hounded from the second we stepped out of the cab! They all wanted us to set up in front of their shops and kept saying "no charge". Once we found a spot and one of them even tried to help us get comfy the man returned a few minutes later telling us we had to buy something because his boss said so! Not cool. I reminded the man that it was a public beach and we went back and forth and he finally left us alone. So, if you buy something all is good otherwise they get snippy. Justin asked for beer and the guy told him they only had Corona.... After he had 2, we realized the place next door, not within the public beach space we were sitting in, offered local options. It was beautiful water with little fish swimming around though.  The kids were happy to play in the sand and I got to enjoy a massage on the beach! $25 an hour.
The pier was nice and offered a little shuttle from one end to the other for free. Tips of course were welcome. The pier is beautiful and even has a pool that you can wade or swim in with swim up bars.

Our ship from the beach.

View from the water.

The place that hounded us to buy some food and drink!

It is a rare moment that we find Jayden asleep! When we got back on the ship after a day on the beach he asked for a nap and slept for a few hours. 

Dinner back on the ship. The kids loved dessert! Especially the chocolate melting cake. 

The formal portraits on the ship cost $22! None of them turned out well enough for us to buy. One of us was always looking the wrong way or the kids were making strange faces! This is the best picture we got ourselves. 

Passing the Norwegian Dawn.

My mom bought the kids some maracas. 

We collected shells and coral throughout the week at all of our stops. The conch shell cost us a $1 in Honduras. I wish I would have bought another for Jayden. My mom bought this one for Julianna.

I saw these in multiple ports but Costa Maya was the only one that had star fish on them! It was $15. I love it. I figure the kids can make little ones with the bucket full of shells that they collected last time we visited the beach.

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