Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Final day at sea 3/8/13

The view from our cabin #7365. Starboard side

2 decks below. We overlooked a Jacuzzi tub.

View from our cabin looking forward and aft. Deck 5 is what you see. 


The kids LOVED the bathtub. 

View from our bed of our messy cabin!

The dressing room before you enter the bathroom. Again it is messy. It was the last day and we were working on packing up.

Bathroom, obviously!

One last order from room service! Chocolate cake and cookies of course!

The kids enjoyed sitting and playing on the balcony.

The sexy man I got to sleep with every night! :) 


The did a chocolate (variety of desserts) buffet the last afternoon of the cruise. We all love chocolate and sweets!

Juli just couldn't stay awake any longer and had to lay down in the middle of dinner. Poor thing slept through most of it but was wide awake when her chocolate melting cake arrived!

They no longer have people carry their life jackets and meet outside of the boats so I made the kids put them on for a picture. This was the morning that we got off the boat and they were not happy about being up so early! 

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