Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cozumel, Mexico 3/4/13

Entertainment when you get off the ship. 

My boys! :)

No trip to Mexico is complete without a picture of the kids in sombrero hats!


No matter where we go, Justin's company always finds him!

The view of stingray bay from the road.

Julianna had to make sure her camera was ready to take pictures! 

Excited to get in the water!

We really enjoyed this excursion! Unfortunately the water was rough causing some waves and cooler temperatures. The stingrays come right up to you and want to be fed! After feeding them and everyone getting comfortable with them we went in a little deeper. The company doesn't allow pictures beyond that point though. They want you to buy there's instead. They took lots of pictures of us holding them as a family but not were good enough to pay the crazy amount that they wanted. Afterward we had the option to snorkel off the end of the pier. We were cold and hungry and Justin and I already dealt with one freak out of Jayden's so we left and headed downtown to grab lunch and shop. 

Getting ready to grab some lunch after swimming with the rays.

We saw the Disney Fantasy docked at the new pier that is next to downtown Cozumel. The old pier is a short drive away. About $10 by cab. Hope we get to sail Disney soon!

A pirate ship out at sea.  This was another great excursion option. We weren't interested in snorkeling alone though.

11 years ago (this May) Justin and I had lunch at a restaurant called Pancho's backyard and took the kids there for lunch. Jayden got to play the xylophone. 

Jayden was sad when all the chips were gone! 

They bring shots around to people that have been there in the past.

Julianna enjoying her shot of sprite! 

I need to dig out a picture of us from our first visit!

We had a great time in Cozumel. It is one of our favorite ports of call. I didn't feel like carrying a bunch of purchases around so we waited to shop till we got back to the pier. Big mistake! Cozumel is much cheaper away from the pier. I knew there would be a difference but it was greater than I expected!
This is all we bought in Cozumel. A magnet (we get one everywhere we go!), a bottle of vanilla and Juli picked out a sea shell bracelet. It's hard to find them small enough to fit her wrist, so we buy them when we see them!

Time to get back on the ship!
Can't wait till we get to visit Cozumel again someday soon.

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